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Senjo-Color® FX Tattoo Paint

Senjo - Color tattoos have been developed and tested by professional artists for use in film and theater. Temporary inks are so delicate that you can use them in the smallest nozzle formats (0.2mm). They can also be applied with a brush obtaining perfect results.

Senjo-Color® Tattoo INK airbrush ink is a product that guarantees you  its durability. For example 15ml, is enough to create more than 50 small tattoos. Applicable for use in airbrush brush or stencil in freestyle.

Senjo-Color® Tattoo

dermatologically tested 

all shades are miscible with each other
sprayable with the best nozzles
Cleaning / dilution with ISO 99% cleaning alcohol
durability of   2-7 days

The Senjo-Tattoo range was developed to the highest professional standards.

- Application: Apply to clean and dry skin (use alcohol to clean it). Apply the tattoo, it will stay wet for a few minutes, you can use talcum powder to speed up drying.


  • Black

  • Red 

  • Blue*

  • White

  • Green

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