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We offer you the party of the moment, enjoy a world of colors with your friends,  mix it with music, racing, water ..

we put at your fingertips the fun of a party that is born in  india

traveling all over the world, and sweeping wherever it goes through its large color printing press suitable for young and old


Enjoy our hand of holi powders, with total quality guarantee, and the best price

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          645 12 09 05       


  minimum  50 pcs

     buy your  party  holi 

100 gr sachets

        unit bags

     from 150  uni

    from 250  uni

ask for your budget
645 120 905
we have special prices for large quantities
contact us and place your order
We advise you so that you know well its use, and how to set up your party
contact us!
    100% natural
        unit bags
        unit bags
What are H o l i powders?
holi powders are totally safe and biodegradable,  100% natural,
are made with corn flour  and food coloring
They are suitable for the whole family, although it is recommended to protect yourself  with glasses, you can put on some fun ones! and wear old clothes at your holi party so as not to have surprises,  although  marches easily  with washing, it is preferable to use clothes that we do not use. depending  color may remain on textile materials.
* suggestions; asthmatic people,   abstain as a precaution,
  our HOLI powders are 100% safe, and certified                              
The Holi festival is originally from India where the welcome of spring is celebrated, a festival with a great tradition in this country,  people gather to enjoy this great burst of color that they use in turn to drive away evil spirits, a party that hides a great story of fights between gods of the  good and evil, 
enjoy a party that is enjoyed around the world, and that triumphs for its great printing of color and fun!
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